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While the AHA Club Only competitions are a thing of the past, there are plenty of opportunities for club members to show off their stuff.

There are FOUR Pro-Am competitions coming up. These are professional Pro-Ams where, if your beer is chosen, you will be brewing with the pros on their gear and the beer will likely be going to the GABF for their Pro-Am competition. Participants must be paid Club members and AHA members. Forms can be found on the Zealots Forum. These contests are:

  • Flix – Belgian Blonde ale
  • NXNW – Fruit Beer
  • Rogness – ESB
  • Black Star – any sour mashed ale (must be a member of Black Star Co-op)

See the club Facebook Page for more details.
There a number of competitions coming up though, most of which are part of the Lone Star Circuit (http://www.lonestarcircuit.com):

  • Big Batch Brew Bash is May 19th but if you have a Witbier, it’s not too late to enter it.
  • While the Lunar Rendezbrew-XVIII is on Aug 6, the entries are due by July 3rd so expect an AHS drop off the week before.
  • The Zealot’s Inquisition with their own rules. Look to get your beers to AHS between June 29 and July 7, with the awards at their famous (and infamous) club picnic.  Enter at http://inquisition.brewcomp.com/
  • The Limbo Challenge follows these competitions on the calendar, usually having the event in late August with entries due in late July or early August but they have not yet updated their webpage.

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