The Monster Homebrew Competition is organized by the Texas Carboys and 2017 marks the 10th year of the competition.


  1. What kinds of bottles are accepted? Every bottle must be 12 ounces in volume and be free of paper labels. Obscure any lettering or graphics on the cap with a permanent black marker. Swing-top bottles (Grolsch style) are not accepted. Corked bottles are acceptable; however, you must crimp a crown cap over the cork.
  2. How many bottles do I need? Send two 12 ounce bottles for each beer entry in this competition. Enter as many beers as you’d like.
  3. What are the entry fees? Entry fees are $8.00 per entry. (Cash, Check or PayPal)
  4. When are the entry deadlines? All entries must be received between October 14th and November 2, 2016 (Registration by Oct 31, 2016).
  5. How do I enter?
    1. Register for an account and register your beers on the competition website
    2. Pay the entry fee via PayPal or Cash
    3. Print a completed entry form and attach to each bottle with a rubber band
    4. Drop off or mail the bottles to the Dig Pub
  6. What style beer is accepted? Accepted styles include any BJCP category or subcategory beer whose starting gravity is 1.0666 or higher. Meads are not accepted.  
  7. Which category do I enter? Enter your brew into the category (and subcategory) you feel it will perform best. Judges will not see your entry form, nor will they reclassify your entry. The Monster Homebrew Competition uses the BJCP style guidelines for judging beer. A downloadable PDF is available at
  8. Contest Categories – You will submit your beers to be judged in one of three contest categories.  Under “Special Ingredients” when submitting, please select your category or the administrators will pick on for you.
    1. Malt Monster
    2. Hop Monster
    3. Other Worldly (that special beer that doesn’t quite fit into one of the other two categories i.e. Sours)
  9. Judging – Judging will take place at an off site as needed and at The Dig Pub Sunday November 6th. The judging panel will be comprised of BJCP Certified Judges as well as members of the Texas Carboys Homebrew Club and other local clubs.
  10. Awards – Awards will be given for third place, second place, and first place for each category (Malt Monster, Hop Monster, and Other Worldly). A Best in Show will be awarded as well.
    Winners will be announced at The Dig Pub during the November meeting of the Texas Carboys.

Previous Winners:

2016 Winners
2015 Winners