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The November meeting was held on the 26th at the Dig.  We had a great lineup of beers.

The awards ceremony for the Monster competition was held during the meeting.  Congrats to Pam & Keith for their 1st place in Hop Monster, Henrik for 2nd in Malt Monster and Bob for 3rd in Hop Monster.

Upcoming Events:

  • See the Facebook page for this Wednesday’s Monthly Barhop
  • Dec 5th is the anniversary for the repeal of prohibition celebration at the Dig at 6pm
  • The Seibel sensory training class is full.  Jeff will set up a doodle poll but most folks seemed to favor doing it on Sunday.    We hope to do it over the holidays.
  • Bluebonnet is March 21st & 22nd but the deadline for entries is Feb 1 to Feb 20.  The club will be sending a contingent as usual.
  • The next club meeting is Dec 16th.

Past Events:

The club had a representation at the AHA rally.  Thanks to Richard & his son for staffing the Carboy’s booth.  And a number of Carboys braved the cold to volunteer and attend the Twisted X opening.

Iron Brewer:

The final round of Iron Brewer will be judged by the club at large at the January Club meeting.



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