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We will be kicking off the Iron Brewer Contest at the June meeting. The concept is that everyone brews a beer featuring the same randomly selected ingredient.  Half the brewers will advance to the next round where a different ingredient to be featured will be chosen.  The winners of the 2nd round will then compete in a third round where the winner will be chosen as Texas Carboys Iron Brewer for 2013.

Remember, the randomly selected ingredient must be “featured” in your beer.  So you can brew anything you want but the ingredient must play a crucial role.  For example, if oats were selected you could do anything from an Oat Pale Ale to an Oatmeal Stout to a Hefe-oatzen.  Describing your beer to the judges could be challenging, depending on what ingredient gets chosen.

The random ingredient could be a fermentable but it could be a spice, a fruit or just about anything – we won’t know until the meeting.  The first round of ingredient should be easier to deal with but expect them to require more creativity in the later rounds.

The first round entries will be due at the August meeting for judging.  The drawing for the ingredient will be chose at the June meeting once sign up is complete.  We will start the signup shortly and anyone may sign up, either individually or as a team, at the June Meeting.  You can enter individually or in teams – there are no restrictions and any experience level can compete.

This will be a BJCP registered competition.

See the Facebook page or upcoming email to sign up or sign up at the June club meeting.

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