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We had a really good time at the Spring Picnic brew-in.  Many thanks to Robert Chaney for the location and brewing the pale ale and to Shawn Mitchell brewing the porter. Thanks also for everyone who donated and all who showed up.  Here are a few pics.

2014_03_16_CarboysBrewIn 004 In spite of the cold weather, there was a good turnout.  Here is an early picture, though we had a lot more people show up.  Luckily, the wind was hammering against the back wall so didn’t affect things too much.


2014_03_16_CarboysBrewIn 001  Here we are trying to figure out how the OG eneded up at 1.096 on the IPA and what to do about it.  Barleywines are probably not a good session beer.  We ended up turning a two corney recipe into a three corney recipe. We’re blaming/thanking a combination of the blackland’s malt, equipment change (efficiency), volume difference and ingredient increase.


2014_03_16_CarboysBrewIn 008  Here is the porter, on it’s way to boil. This beer was hopped with whole hops, which proved to be a siphoning challenged later.  We had to go “old school” on this one.


2014_03_16_CarboysBrewIn 010  There were some good samples being passed around as well.  We all hope to have a bigger turnout for the fall brew in.  The plan for that one is a pool party.  More details to come.

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