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The next Carboys Club-only competition is a Cereal Mash competition.  This is a BJCP registered event.  Entries will be judged at the November Club meeting (see the Events page – Nov 24).  You do not need to be present to win, but your beer does.

The following rules apply:

  1. All recognized BJCP styles are eligible
  2. Style and sub-category must be listed on entry. If using categories 21, 22, 23, a base style must be on entry.
  3. Recipe must be submitted
  4. Must use at least 1 box (18oz. or larger) of a commercial, processed breakfast cereal, for each 5 gallons or portion of.
  5. Oatmeal, cream of wheat, farina, etc, can be used but does not count as your cereal for the competition.
  6. Judging will be 70% BJCP and 30% popular vote.
  7. There will be an award for most unique use of cereal/most unique beer.
  8. Will need to submit 5 bottles. (2 for BJCP and 3 for popular)
  9. Teams are allowed but only 1 medal/award per team
  10. Must be paid member to enter and vote
  11. Entries due and voting will be at the November meeting

*note* To keep entries anonymous, do not post specifics on social media.

Good luck to everyone!


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