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The August meeting was held on the 19th at the Dig.  We had a great lineup of beers and also held the first round of the Iron Brewer’s Championship.  We also talked a little bit about events.

Upcoming Events:

  • The Club Brew-In for the fall picnic will be Sept 8th.  Watch the FB page for times.  It will be at Bob and Anne’s.  Anne said to bring a swimsuit.
  • The Club Fall Picnic will be Oct 20 at Champions park.  The club will cover brats and beer.  Please bring a side.  Watch the FB page for more info.
  • If you registered for Cactus, have your entries to AHS by Aug 22.  Don’t forget to donate for gas.
  • The West Texas Shootout is open for entries.  The competition is in Abiline and more information is at http://www.bigcountryhomebrewers.com/  Deadline is Aug 31st.

Past Events:

The club bowling outing was Aug 18 at Mel’s Lonestar Lanes – good time, good beer, great price.  It went so well that we will be organizing another outing there.  See the FB page for pics of the last event.

Jockey Boxes

The club now owns two small jockey boxes.  They are free to use for members in good standing.  You must follow the rules (inside each box) since maintenance of these is key to their longevity.  And it only takes one time of not following the rules to ruin them.  They will also be used for club outings.  More details will be coming soon (they need a few more parts before using).

Iron Brewer Results:

The Iron Brewer First round judging was held and the selection of the next ingredient was made.  For more information see Iron Brewer Round 1.

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